Application Security Assessment and Mitigation

Don’t let your applications provide a window of opportunity into your environment for the adversaries. Anvaya Solutions team members have deep expertise in application security and assessment.

Advanced teams engage us to design and build security into the applications up front thereby saving our clients time and $$ by reducing last minute changes in the life cycle. The team conducts application vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to help identify and provide practical recommendations for mitigation

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Large and Small businesses are required to comply with regulatory security requirements. Defense contractors (primes and sub-contractors) have to comply with DFARS 252.204-7012 (SP800-171).

Third Party Risk Management - Enterprises should manage risks from third parties to protect their brand and bottom line.

Don’t be bogged down by the myriad requirements for compliance to the various regulatory requirements and standards. Whether you want to assess your compliance or manage your third-party risk Anvaya Solutions professionals are here to help you.

Anvaya Solutions has AI based assessment solutions that you can use to manage third-party risks and manage your compliance status.

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Penetration Testing

Don’t let your digital domain be compromised.

External – Is your internet presence a weak link in the security chain?

Internal – What can a malicious insider or an attacker that has gained a foot-hold in your environment can do?

Rely on the experts at Anvaya Solutions team to conduct an external pen-test and an internal pen-test to identify vulnerabilities and potential for exploiting your systems, network and applications. Anvaya Solutions team has experience conducting numerous pen-tests using advanced tactics and techniques just like the adversaries. We provide practical recommendations and work closely with your IT team for mitigation.

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Policy Development

A security policy is defined as “the framework within which an organization establishes needed levels of information security to achieve the desired confidentiality goals”. Whatever the size of the organization, Information security policies are needed to inform workers of their information protection duties, to tell them what they can and cannot do with respect to the organization’s sensitive information.

Don’t be caught in a legal bind without written information security policies and procedures. Anvaya Solutions has the experience and knowledge to help your organization develop Information Security Policies and Procedures.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the clever manipulation of the natural human tendency to trust. Enterprises expend resources to train their personnel against social engineering attacks. The personnel are still susceptible to manipulation by adversaries. Anvaya Solutions team has successfully tested our customer’s personnel against social engineering attacks using well researched techniques and attack vectors to quantify the susceptibility and enhance the training and awareness of the customer teams.

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